Ranking Medical Blogs by an Algorithm

Which one is the best? Which one is the most popular? How do you determine the relative "value" of a medical blog? I do not have the answer but some web sites have attempted to address those questions. The science behind the ranking is still controversial though.

There are 2 algorithms so far:
  • Medgadget.nl -- which, by the way, is not the same as Medgadget.com... The algorithm consists of 8 parameters: number of published articles, number of comments, Google PageRank, Technorati rank, inblog and inlink numbers, number of Feedburner subscribers and hits on Feedburner.
CasesBlog is listed on both web sites at number 19 and 54.

Further reading:
List of the best medical blogs. ScienceRoll, 08/2007.
Rating Medical Blogs. DavidRothman.net, 08/2007.
Image source: Wikipedia, public domain.

Updated: 08/07/2007


  1. Thanks for the introduction of my algorithm, but I do not claim I have to ultimate answer about the "value" of a medblog ;-). My algorithm is just a way of looking at the raw data. So if you have suggestions or improvements please let me know.

  2. After a I changed the URL of my weblog. The name of the weblog is Medblog.nl. You can find on this weblog.