6 Tips on Staying Up-to-Date in Genetics (and Any Specialty)

Bertalan Meskó of ScienceRoll.com shares 6 tips on staying up-to-date in genetics but they apply to most specialties in medicine and science.

The 6 tips are:

1. Follow the most reliable genetic sites
2. Follow the best genetic blogs
3. Use RSS web feed and follow the genetic journals
4. Use services/tools like UpToDate
5. Follow the blog carnivals
6. Follow the genetic wikis

I would add a few more suggestions:

1. Subscribe to Google News alerts in your field of interest via web feeds.
2. Subscribe to podcasts in your specialty. See our IAMSE abstract on the topic.
3. Use text-to-speech to listen to journal articles. See our IAMSE abstract on the topic.
4. Create an iGoogle page as your own "super journal" powered by web feeds. See our IAMSE abstract on the topic.
5. Search YouTube, VideoJug for related videos.
6. Listen to conferences podcasts/videocasts.
7. Start a blog as an educational portfolio to record your thoughts.
8. Use Google Bookmarks to save interesting articles you find online.

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  1. Great! It inspired me to adapt it for a version targeted at medicexchange.com visitors, with a credit to your blog.