Aggregated Lifestream Combines All Content Created by You Into One Site/Feed

Steve Rubel has an interesting idea:

"I am posting to Flickr,, Twitter and Facebook. I also have tons of other less active accounts too - Digg, Blogger, MySpace, YouTube, MSN Spaces, Yahoo 360, Jaiku, Pownce and on and on.

I have set up a tumblelog at my personal domain at It rolls up my blog, links, Flickr, Facebook notes and Twitter tweets all in one place.

I really like that there is a single place attached to my name that rolls up all of the content that I am publishing online. I also like that in just a couple of clicks I can set up a river of news that I can share at the domain of my choosing.

Aggregated Lifestreams could be the next big thing on the web."

For example, Joshua Schwimmer is a nephrologist from NYC who maintains 3 blogs: Kidney Notes, The Efficient MD and Tech Medicine Blog. He is using Twitter with Twitterfeed to tie together all 3 of them along with Facebook.

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