Available Online: Proceedings of Cleveland Clinic Perioperative Medicine Summit in CCJM

The Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Perioperative Medicine Summit at Cleveland Clinic are available online at the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine (CCJM) web site. The access to all CCJM articles is free of charge.

The summit is one of the premier annual events in the field of perioperative medicine and has the strong support of the Department of Hospital Medicine. I have been involved as a faculty member since the beginning and launched the summit web site in May 2007 at PeriopMedicine.org. See the slide show from last year's summit below.

Cleveland Clinic has one of the busiest perioperative centers in the world - the Internal Medicine Preoperative Assessment Consultation and Treatment (IMPACT) Center has 13-15,000 patient visits per year.

My contributions to this year's proceedings include one article and 8 abstracts. Among the abstracts were Systematic Approach to Interpreting Electrocardiograms by Using Two Mnemonics and expanded versions of several of the perioperative cases in CKD.

Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Perioperative Medicine Summit, Cleveland Clinic, September 10-12, 2007, CCJM.
A Systematic Approach to Reading Electrocardiograms by Using 2 Mnemonics. V. Dimov, Clinical Notes, 05/2001.
Preoperative Care of Patients with Kidney Disease. V. Dimov, Clinical Cases and Images, 05/30/2006.

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