A List of Hospitalist Blogs

Below is the list of a few prominent (and not so prominent but still interesting) blogs authored by hospitalists:

Wachter's World. Author: Robert M. Wachter, MD is Professor and Associate Chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. The term "hospitalist" was first coined by him in 1996 in the NEJM article The Emerging Role of "Hospitalists" in the American Health Care System.

DB’s Medical Rants. Author: Robert M. Centor, MD, Chief, Division of GIM
University of Alabama at Birmingham and President of SGIM.

Notes from Dr. RW. Author: R. W. Donnell, a hospitalist in Northwest Arkansas.

The Hospitalist Blog. Author: Adam D. Singer, MD, Chairman, CEO and founder of IPC, one of the nation’s largest private practice hospitalist companies.

Fat Doctor. Author: Anonymous, DO.

The Happy Hospitalist. Author: Anonymous, MD.

RangelMD.com. Author: Chris Rangel, MD, a hospitalist in Texas.

Clinical Cases and Images - Blog (the blog you are reading now)

Please feel free to add any other notable hospitalist blogs in the comments section below.

Riding the Hospitalist Boom to an IPO. WSJ.

Definition of "Hospitalist" Added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 11/17/2005.
SHM Annual Meeting and Cleveland Clinic Hospitalist Section, 5/31/2007.
What I Learned from Making the Website of the Cleveland Clinic Hospitalists, 8/11/2006.
Bob's Favorite Links: Robert Wachter shares his own list of favorite blogs. I am happy that CasesBlog tops the list currently as of 11/21/2007.
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Updated: 03/31/2008


  1. Sandeep Sachdeva's blog, (Chief of the hospitalist program at Banner Gateway Medical Center) gives interesting administrative/big picture perspective to supplement the clinical and hands-on outlook.
    Sandeep Sachdeva's blog

  2. IPC hospitalist provided a career center to call in applicants to join their current job opportunities, training, education, and leadership programs.