Newseum Shows Front Pages of 600 Newspapers from Around the World

The Newseum is an interactive museum of news and journalism in Washington, D.C.

The website of the museum features the front pages of 627 newspapers from around the world. It looks like a great way to check the pulse of the world - from Italy to India, and from Sweden to South Africa:

Today's Front Pages from Newseum

A Suggested Approach to Reading Multiple Front Pages

The front pages of 30 newspapers are bookmarked together as a "session" in my Opera browser and I usually open them all at the same time in 30 tabs. I tried the same approach in Firefox with "Bookmark All Tabs" but since Firefox uses more memory than Opera, it slows down the browser considerably.

"Opera Sessions: Do you have a lot of sites you browse every day?
Save a collection of open pages as a session and open them at a later time or in the middle of another session with just one click." Image source: Opera.

An ad you wouldn't have seen — or understood — 30 years ago: This is your brain when reading the Financial Times. Links via Kevin, M.D. and Book of Joe.

10 Features You'll Find Only In Opera. Google Operating System.

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