Tips: How NOT to Give a Presentation

Alexei Karpetev successfully covers the basics of how not to give a PowerPoint presentation. Luckily, he also offers some tips on making a good one.

If everything else fails, remember to follow the proven advice of the former BMJ editor Richard Smith on How not to give a presentation. The article has some invaluable pearls of wisdom like:

"Bad slides are the traditional standby of a bad presentation. There must be far too many. They must contain too much information and be too small for even those in the front row to read. Flash them up as fast as you can, ensuring that they are in the wrong order..."
BMJ 2000;321:1570-1571 (23 Dec)

Check out an alternative approach to PowerPoint/Keynote presentations by Lawrence Lessig.

Google Docs can be used to host your presentations and to embed them in websites. Google Presentations has an integrated online chat to communicate with viewers in real time. An integration with Grand Central VOIP would be the next logical step.

Link via Communication Nation.
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