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Clinical Cases and Images (, our free case-based curriculum of clinical medicine, was recently featured in a Los Angeles Times article about medical blogs:

Medical blogs for doctors and patients alike. LA Times.

"Clinical Cases and Images. A teaching blog with a comprehensive collection of cases in all areas of medical specialty."

Screenshot of the blog list

I have mentioned several times before that is not a blog but a collaborative attempt to build an online case-based curriculum of medicine. CasesBlog is the blog I started in March 2005 (3 years ago) to collect ideas, interesting stories and post relevant news about the Clinical Cases and Images project.

However, the LA Times coverage of the medical blogosphere is relatively well-measured and I am not going to complain too much about an occasional misclassification, especially when featured among some of the "grandfathers" of the medical blogging world such as Kevin, M.D., GruntDoc, and the former president of the SGIM Robert Centor.

By the way, the medical blogosphere includes not only physicians and nurses but also medical librarians and journalists. Where else can you find pearls such as the one below? It reflects the thoughts of the prominent medical reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer Chris Seper while recording the weekly medical podcast for the newspaper:

"Just under my desk again to do voiceovers. A very large, but dead, insect was waiting for me. Always good to have an audience."

This video shows that it takes about 2 minutes to start a blog on, a service by Google.

Another Milestone: Two Million Page Views for Clinical Cases and Images
Doctors talk shop on medical blogs. LA Times.
Medical blogs for doctors and patients alike. LA Times.

Online medical blogging: don't do it! CMAJ • July 29, 2008; 179 (3).

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