Twitter Wins Over RSS?

Does Twitter win over RSS for most people who want to follow blogs and friends? I think so.

See a few thoughts (in reverse chronological order) below.

I think Kevin, M.D. was right about Twitter being easier to adopt than RSS for the non-tech crowd. Note: there is nothing wrong with "crowd" -- Wikipedia is based on the "wisdom of crowds."

goldenskye @AllergyNotes I see Twitter and RSS as complementary . Twitter may be more popular because it is faster, quicker , easier ..

Troy Anderson
troy_anderson @AllergyNotes that is an interesting observation, I think that the reason is the personal interaction aspect of it.

Ves Dimov, M.D.
AllergyNotes In summary, the trend seems to be that many popular bloggers have more Twitter than RSS subscribers nowadays.

Ves Dimov, M.D.
AllergyNotes It could be the personal interaction that makes Twitter more interesting than RSS or the need to "follow" somebody as a guide and example.

Ves Dimov, M.D.
AllergyNotes I still find it a bit hard to believe that "masses" find more value in Twitter than RSS but "people have spoken" - see @Berci subscr pattern

Ves Dimov, M.D.
AllergyNotes Doctor Anonymous has 324 RSS and 734 Twitter subscribers -- @kevinmd was right - Twitter is easier to get than RSS

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"Rest in Peace, RSS" by Steve Gillmor who uses Twitter instead, 2009.

Updated: 05/05/2009


  1. It's an apples and oranges question--RSS aggregates/syndicates blogs, podcasts, etc.; it isn't content itself. Twitter is not a syndication mechanism (ATOM vs RSS) but another content medium.

    Perhaps the question here is "blogs or Twitter"

  2. Actually, no, the question is RSS or Twitter. Many people don't want to be bothered with RSS at all. They just follow on Twitter:

    - their friends
    - a few celebrities
    - CNN, Fox, WSJ, NYT

    They don't need blogs and news websites.

  3. I don't really think that RSS has started for doctors yet:) But neither has Twitter. I think that in the new year or so people who produce guidelines, journals and employers (hospital trusts and primary care trusts) will hopefully get a lot smarter at producing feeds. Or maybe I'm just wishfully thinking again:)

  4. Twitter is in "full force" for many doctors -- just search Twitter or find Twitter health group. Those are early adopters of course but they are also "influencers" and will spread the word. The "crowd" will follow.

  5. They go together. I like my RSS feeds in Firefox to see what I want to know, when I want to know, and like Twitter with Twhirl to keep me updated on the channels I follow.

    I love both. So much so I made a little site to combine them