EMR or "How Computers are Harming Doctor-Patient Relations" - Rick Payne

EMR or How Computers are Ruining the Doctor's Office and Harming Doctor-Patient Relations - a presentation by Rick Payne.

My experience with EMR has been mostly positive but it is certainly useful to be aware of other points of view.


Medical Malpractice Liability in the Age of Electronic Health Records - NEJM, 2010 http://goo.gl/cGZG9
"The iPatient is getting wonderful care across America. The real patient wonders, "Where is everybody?" NYTimes, 2011.


  1. Rick acts like his doctor would have a much easier time finding pertinent information looking through his 6 volumes of paper charts. Of course there are going to be learning curves when doctors who didn't grow up with computers are now using them to organize their office, but over time, this system is MUCH more effective than paper.


  2. I agree that a lot of the EMR/EHR software is very poor. But, so was his rant.

    There are people working on this very complex problem.



  3. Agree, paper is almost never "better" than EMR when working in a complex clinical environment...

  4. I have to agree with his point "if it's done well it is good, but it's not being done well" There are EMR providers (even ones with the best systems) who are clueless about prep for and execution of implementation. They are sale motivated and action ignorant. The best thing any medical facility can do is SHOP AROUND & KEEP LOOKING until you find an experienced, track record proven, EMR & support company who is not only understanding of your needs but cares about your patients!

  5. Where are the paperless offices?
    Why does existing paperless implementations use more paper?
    Why do ebook readers suck? (i own an ipad)
    Why haven't tablet pc's taken over the world?

    The technology isn't here yet, and I'm just suggesting that tons of time and energy is being wasted on using the wrong tools for this job

    thank you,
    Rick Payne