When advertising your physician practice: Google and Facebook dominate 73% of U.S. digital advertising market

The WSJ expressed concerns about monopoly: Tech’s Titans Tiptoe Toward Monopoly https://buff.ly/2H5SHAh

"Imagine a not-too-distant future in which trustbusters force Facebook FB to sell off Instagram and WhatsApp. Imagine a time when Amazon’s cloud and delivery services are so dominant the company is broken up like AT&T. Imagine Google’s search or YouTube becoming regulated monopolies, like electricity and water.

Facebook Inc., Google parent Alphabet Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. are enjoying profit margins, market dominance and clout that, according to economists and historians, suggest they’re developing into a new category of monopolists.

Together, Google and Facebook take in 73% of U.S. digital advertising.

They also benefit from something historically unprecedented: the ability to get users to subsidize them with enormous quantities of free labor. Their systems are fueled by personal information, but instead of them hunting for it, people willingly provide it."

The reality is that if you choose to advertise your physician practice, there are 2 dominant channels:

- Google Ad Words https://www.google.com/ads
- Facebook Ads https://www.facebook.com/business/products/ads

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Tech’s Titans Tiptoe Toward Monopoly https://buff.ly/2H5SHAh
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