Video iPod for Your Heart

The Arizona Heart Institute cardiovascular surgeon Grayson Wheatley uses video iPods to educate his patients. Before discharging patients from the hospital, he gives them iPods loaded with videos about diet, exercise and other information about their heart surgery.

"One of the biggest complaints in medicine is that patients don't get enough time with their doctors, and the iPod can be an extension of time that they get with their doctors," says Dr. Wheatley, "they can watch the videos several times, and they can get a true understanding of exactly some of the complex things that we're doing."

The Arizona Heart Institute in Phoenix is the first medical institution to use video iPods for patient education (press release). You can subscribe on . A video iPod costs about $ 300.

Other educational iPod projects

The Cleveland Clinic distributes medical news videos that can be downloaded to a video iPod. The service is called Health Edge.

iTunes U(niversity) aims at educating students by making lectures available at any time and from any computer with an Internet connection.

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  1. This is amazing, and a wonderful use of new technology for teaching, a technology the patient is very likely to use !

    Here's an interesting question...since it is for patient teaching, is it covered by insurance?

  2. Sounds like a terrific idea! Definitely thinking outside the box.