Google Calendar for Patients: Monitor Your Medical Condition

LifeHacker reports that some patients are using Google Calendar to track the daily or weekly variations of their medical condition, for example, depression or insomnia. The color-coded approach looks complicated to me but some people find it helpful.

Google Calendar can potentially be useful for monitoring the progress of patients with other chronic conditions like asthma: daily sx, use of PRN inhalers, sx during the night, etc.

It is not difficult to imagine diabetic patients using the calendar to monitor their blood glucose, hypertensive patients recording their blood pressure and so on.

Google Calendar has a nifty sharing feature that patients can use to keep in touch with their doctor. And if they need to make an appointment, they can always check if the doctors is available by subscribing to his/her calendar.

Update 03/10/2007:
Urologist Shares Robotic Surgery Schedule via Google Calendar

Update 5/24/2007:
Google launches calendar for mobile devices. Google Blog.

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