Urologist Shares Robotic Surgery Schedule via Google Calendar

I have written about the potential uses of Google Calendar by doctors and other health workers before and I just found another good example yesterday. Dr. Savatta of Robotic Surgery Blog uses Google Calendar to share his surgery schedule:
I found a way to place my robotic surgery schedule online.

I do not add my operations in advance that far ahead, but can is accurate for the upcoming 2 weeks usually. Urologists interesting in case observations can contact me to watch surgery.
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  1. I share your enthusiasm for the google calendar. New users need to beware that it is easy to make your personal calendar public.

    I like to keep a personal calendar with notes on operations that I find useful and a separate public calendar for my robotics.

    I think it is great way to share info.

  2. I typically have about 6-7 calendars running in Google Calendar (in different colors): personal, call schedule, etc. Only one of them is shared, i.e. public -- the meeting schedule of our hospitalist group which is linked on our site. The rest of the calendars are private. Google Calendar allows you to easily manage several calendars and to interpolate them together to avoid scheduling conflicts.