Bob Wachter's Annual Hospital Medicine CME Course and Chickens

From Wachter's World:

“Everything’s in place….” She gulped, as if wondering whether to spill a dirty secret, “but… have you heard about the chickens?” This couldn’t be good. “Chickens?” I asked, intrigued but slightly nauseated. Turns out that the wonderful director of our new procedure service, had ordered several now-deceased chickens for her procedure workshop – prepped specifically for this purpose (red dye in their carotids, blue in their jugulars) – which would arrive by FedEx on the morning of the procedure session.

Predictably, the session with the chickens was amazingly popular with the attendees – one of the highlights of the course.

And just as predictably – I'm not sure if this was irony or someone's idea of a joke – the attendees were served chicken for lunch that day. I think, but can’t guarantee, that they weren’t the ones from the procedure workshop."

What a Week! The 1st Hospitalist Mini-College and our Annual Hospital Medicine CME Course. Wachter's World.

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