University of Oxford Journal Watch: Lighthearted Review of Medical Journals

Journal Watch is written by Dr. Richard Lehman and is a lighthearted review of the leading medical journals from a GP perspective, updated weekly. Dr. Lehman works at the University of Oxford Department of Primary Health Care.

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It’s a rare day in general practice when you don’t have to decide on which second generation antidepressant to prescribe, and here is a massive evidence base to help guide your choice: a 37-page analysis of 299 studies, prepared for the American College of Physicians. The result: they all work equally well, as far as anyone can tell. Mirtazapine probably starts working faster than most others: bupropion (which for some reason isn’t licensed for treating depression in the UK) has the fewest sexual side-effects, paroxetine the most. And about the important issue of habituation and withdrawal, we don’t seem to know nearly enough.

A screenshot of the website is shown below:

Unfortunately, the Journal Watch website does not provide a RSS feed yet. The archives are available here.

Interesting Articles: A Weekly Review of the "Big Five" Medical Journals


  1. Hi!
    Journal watch by Lehman is my first medical read every week, before going for rounds on the podcasts of the big four and the podcastless BMJ.
    It is the best review I know of.
    I did find (or create?) an rss for this service and it is on my reader and my igoogle page.
    You can get an rss feed for almost every page or create one.
    This one is on -
    And... Thank you for your blog. I'm a medical blogger from Israel - one of a small small number. Your blog is an inspiration.

  2. Assi,

    Thank you for your comment. I subscribed to the Page2RSS feed as well:

    Don't forget to add a translation widget to your blog :-)