Selection of My Twitter Favorites, Edition 34

Twitter is a microblogging service where people answer the question "What are you doing?" via 140-character messages from their cellphone, laptop or desktop. You can select the messages you find useful, amusing, or both. Here is the 34th edition of My Twitter Favorites (the oldest post is at the bottom, the newest at the top):

Bertalan Meskó
Berci Skype USB VoIP phone is the invention of the decade
Robert Scoble
Scobleizer RT @john_oshea: Controlled experiment: you have almost 50K followers, no idea who I am, are you even going to notice this? If so, how??
Robert Prejs
sunlogrobert Brain recharged with veg pizza, pinaple juice, carrot cake & black tea. Now back to my patients!
Michael Arrington
TechCrunch Reading translated version of Hebrew story and trying to figure out if its trashing me or not. hard to tell :-)
Laika (Jacqueline)
laikas @sandnsurf feel relieved I'm not a decomposer & a mold. But part of the humus as well as a sunbeam & a tree. Is this biologically plausible?
sandnsurf @BiteTheDust you are not mulch - you are a 'decomposer' and an make and stabilizer the mulch
BiteTheDust @sandnsurf I am a little unsure if I like being described as mulch before I am dead
Ves Dimov, M.D.
AllergyNotes Is Twitter the essential Blogging nutrient? Be sure to check the diagrams in the post:
Aaron Logan
pyknosis Nothing like some soggy, brown hospital cafeteria vegetables to completely ruin an otherwise barely palatable meal.
Robert Prejs
sunlogrobert Note that term Global Warming is now Climate Change. -10C here for a change.
BiteTheDust All our community before drinking the water has to have it on a 1min rolling boil. we think something died in the tank.
Evan Williams
ev Ah, that's better. First time to gym in a week. Being too busy to work out has decreasing returns I find.
scanman RT @dporter: #LASIK A couple hours post-op now. No pain or discomfort. Lots of tearing. Vision still blurry ☚ True commitment to twitter!
Leo Laporte
LeoLaporte Congratulations to the San Francisco Chronicle, 144 years old today. I wonder how much longer it will be in print.
John Battelle
johnbattelle noticing an uptick in folk following me who are not "people" but rather companies or "people as ideas." The anthropologist in me wonders
Ves Dimov, M.D.
AllergyNotes Twitter as in idea is great but as an implementation is so rudimentary that I wonder how we all put up with that. It's like DOS from 1981
Graham Walker
grahamwalker Walking in Crocs, downhill, with groceries in both hands, with a backpack on, in the snow, is not recommended.
Robert Prejs
sunlogrobert My daily car cosmetics in winter consists of cleaning headlights, taillights & number plates. So I can see & be legal. Car remains dirty.
Ves Dimov, M.D.
AllergyNotes The real-time web: "If you aren’t online there’s no “warning” system that something is happening"
Loic Le Meur
loic personal statistic of the day: I sent about 150 emails today, which of course does not say anything about my productivity but it's 15/h!
Ves Dimov, M.D.
AllergyNotes New terms for physician sub-subspecialties: nocturnist = only works overnight, rantologist = likes to rant. Not related.
Darren Rowse
problogger placebo effect or no placebo effect - if it cures my migraines I'm a fan of acupuncture :-)
Chris Seper
chrisseper Icon_lock Seeing a noticeable weight gain in my first month in the startup life. More fast food, more Starburst fruit chews, less sleep. Hmmmm.
Graham Walker
grahamwalker Bad sleep habits = risk of getting a cold. So pretty much, residency = risk factor.
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