Book rental website Chegg addresses a burning question:"May I Eat My Textbook?" applies the Netflix DVD rental concept to textbooks:

The business model? Rent out college textbooks via a website, deliver them to students via UPS and save them 50% to 70% off the cost of buying used or new books. Chegg just landed $25 million from venture-capital firms.

I noticed that addresses the question "May I Eat My Textbook?"twice in its FAQ section. It seems to be a common problem:

Although frequently considered when the pantry and wallet is empty, eating your textbook is extremely harmful to your health and may result in serious complications. Common side effects of eating a textbook may include an upset stomach, dehydration, nausea, missing problem sets, and constipation. Chegg will not accept books in eaten conditions nor in any conditions that resemble being eaten (please see our book conditions policy).

Chegg CEO Rashid applies Netflix concept to textbooks. USA Today.
Top 10 FAQ Questions.
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  1. My name is Michael and I am a supervisor here at the Chegg Customer Care Center. Each of the "Top 10 FAQs" is also listed in it's sub-category, just in case someone is looking for their answer by related topics, in case it's not in the top 10. Just thought I should point that out. :] (PS. Eating textbooks may not be the best option for your stomach, or pocketbook!)