Selection of My Twitter Favorites, Edition 55

Twitter is a microblogging service where people answer the question "What are you doing?" via 140-character messages from their cellphone, laptop or desktop. You can select the messages (called "tweets") that you find interesting, useful, amusing, or disagreeable. Here is the 55th edition of My Twitter Favorites (the oldest post is at the bottom, the newest at the top): Micro-blogging on Twitter is easy, fun and can be very useful and educational if you follow/subscribe to interesting people. You can read more here: A Doctor's Opinion: Why I Started Microblogging on Twitter and visit my account at Twitter/AllergyNotes.

  1. joemdjoemd Things are usually never as bad as they seem, or as good as they seem. Balance is a good practice in this chaotic world.
  2. Ben Casnochabencasnocha In Alaska I learned I didn't like boats, in India I learned I didn't like spicy food, in Cartagena I learn I don't like tropical weather.
  3. colinsegoviscolinsegovis Spring is not determined by temperature but by the amount of anti-histamine one must take to survive the day.
  4. Ed BennettEdBennett To @brendafinkle I've noticed that also, over the last ten years everything has been printed in smaller and smaller type. it's a conspiracy
  5. Richard Questrichardquest Good evening if you are new to following me. Be assured of one thing - ALL posts here come from me personally. All of them.
  6. Ben Casnochabencasnocha The higher end the hotel, the more likely it is to charge for wi-fi, breakfast, etc. Cheap motels have free wi-fi.
  7. Ben Casnochabencasnocha"The internet enables smart people to get smarter and dumb people to get dumber." - Ben Casnocha
  8. Robert ScobleScobleizer Funny that people send me DMs but aren't following me, so I can't DM them back. Sigh. And people ask me why I think Twitter needs work. Sigh
  9. Ves Dimov, M.D.AllergyNotes Colbert video: Co-founder Biz Stone calls Twitter the messaging service we didn't know we needed until we had it.
  10. Stephen Frystephenfry Komodo Dragons seen. Scary drooling monsters of minimal cuteness, but most impressive.
  11. David PoguePogue Same magazine refers to "an historic" event. Why "an"? Do you also say "give me an hug?" "An happy day?" "An hippo?" Pretentious much?
  12. Michael Harkessmichaelharkess "Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to act in the presence of fear." - Bruce Lee
  13. Richard Questrichardquest I have a daily struggle with Muffins. Especially non low fat ones. which suddenly attack me in the late afternoon. Diet Destroyers
  14. CEO -Tonyzappos At a friend's house and when I walked by a cactus it poked me. Personally, I find that unnecessary and a bit immature.
  15. AllergyZone CEO JimAllergyZoneCEO on lonnnnng conference call, toooooo long.
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