Twitter thoughts on career choice for doctors: research or clinical medicine, or both?

From Twitter:

Berci: RT @DrGwenn: "I bet you'll miss it when it's over :)" I won't, believe me, I won't. I've always wanted to become a researcher, not a doctor.

Berci: RT @JanetStrath: "If research is what makes you happy, you should do that :)" Last exam in medschool in August, PhD in genetics from October

Berci: RT @JanetStrath: "I enjoyed my PhD (biochemistry). overall it was an excellent experience. " I'm very glad to hear that.

AllergyNotes: @Berci Research is great but I would miss clinical medicine if I have to be only in the lab. Combining them works the best but it's hard.

Berci: Combining them is art

AllergyNotes: "Combining them is not only hard, it's art" - Couldn't be said better :)

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