What do patients want from their doctors? Do we need "tips and tricks" or more time?

From KevinMD:

"According to a 2006 study, patients want their doctors to be “confident, empathetic, humane, personal, forthright, respectful and thorough.” But in the age of conveyor-belt medicine, and the standard 15-minute office visit, it’s becoming apparent that today’s physician will have trouble fitting that mold."

Kevin offers some tips a busy doctor can use, modeled after a NYTimes piece. For example:

Tips a busy doctor can use include “greeting [patients] warmly by name, asking briefly about important events in their lives, maintaining eye contact, focusing on the patient without interruptions, and displaying empathy through words and body language.”

Is this the right solution? Is it enough? What do you think?

See BEST: a communication model from BMJ Career Focus, 2006;333:35:

Begin with non-verbal cues. Soften (smile, open arms, forward lean, touch with arm, handshake, eye contact, nod)
Establish information gathering with informal talk
Support with emotional channels
Terminate with positive note

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