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  • Please read why you still need a blog if you are on Twitter, etc. and why I still copy all my tweets to my blogs - How to get your tweets posted on your blog? - Copy/paste in Firefox from Twitter web interface to

  • "Nice, timeless comment" on blogging, the Internet, and more

  • The best approach to lists of top 50, 100, etc. of anything is an open wiki - Google Spreadsheet with public access is a simple option.

  • Using Social Media as Digital Storytelling - I use social media as a digital searchable notebook, no storytelling :)

  • Notice Those Ads on Blogs? Regulators Do, Too: will require a clear disclosure

  • Statisticians are analyzing Twitter's river of messages to monitor the public's changing moods and what affects them.

  • A patient story: "Scopes, Scripts, and Speculation"

  • Medical intern: "My second-year resident didn't let me sleep last night. This overnight thing depends so much on the resident. 2 AM teaching opportunity - 2nd-year resident wanted to show me something about something I can't even remember"

  • The Truth About Internal Medicine, from a surgeon's perspective (scroll down the page to go beyond the huge ads)

  • The wife of Twitter CEO is posting online during labor: 'Epidural, yes please'

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