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How to add Medline Plus and UpToDate search boxes to your website: Medline - UpToDate Patient Search -- Dr. Schwimmer's list of kidney diseases - I like the embedded boxes with Medline Plus and UpToDate search

@EdBennett: Nursing student expelled for blogging, but wins lawsuit & gets reinstated. Employee policies are a must.

"Seventeen tips for coping with a medical catastrophe" by The Happiness Project

Dr. Wes: "If Lawyers Billed Like Doctors" -- Dr. Wes reading America’s Healthy Futures Act of 2009: Dear Doctor: You Will Be Salaried and (PDF)

Female users form a majority on all popular social networking sites except one

Dave Winer's thoughts on Google SideWiki: "My web site is my space"

How to Claim Your Website’s Google Sidewiki

Will Books Be "Napsterized" though pirated PDFs posted on file sharing sites? NYT

For Kids, a Chance to Learn Millionaire Habits - NYT slideshow

"Every day is father's day."

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