British Medical Journal Features Clinical Cases and Images - Blog, Again

Dean Giustini was kind to include this blog in his landmark BMJ editorial How Web 2.0 is changing medicine:
One of the best blogs in medicine is Ves Dimov's Clinical Cases and Images - Blog. It contains a rich collection of "presurfed" material for busy clinicians and features interactivity and timely discussion. Dimov is also a supporter of medical librarian bloggers. Why waste time fumbling with search engines when you can consult this blog for timely updates? As well as case discussions, Ves provides links to today's medical headlines from Reuters and clinical images via a dynamic, free photo sharing tool called Flickr. One of his slide presentations "Web 2.0 in medicine" is available on Slideshare (itself a fantastic new 2.0 tool). Clinical Cases and Images is a virtual laboratory for doctors and medical librarians interested in Web 2.0.
Since its launch in 2005, and this blog were featured 3 times in the BMJ and twice in Medscape.

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MD Net Guide:
Why they blog: Healthcare providers are embracing blogs; Should you join them?. Fard Johnmar.

As I have commented before, I am happy to think that may be this blog is one of the many good medical blogs out there... It is important to keep the online conversation going and this is probably the most significant thing, not the individual blog of any of us. and the blog will have one million page views by the end of the year. Currently, we are just 4,000 pages short of a million but with 2,000-3000 page views daily, this number will certainly be reached by the end on 2006. It feels as if you have written a book and somebody reads 3000 pages of it... every day. It is funny to realize that this blog likely has a larger readership than many journals. KevinMD, Medgadget, and DB's Medical Rants (by the current president of the Society of General Internal Medicine) have even larger audiences. It is time to assess the effect of medical blogs on the way doctors receive and share medical information.

Further reading:
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Wikis, blogs and podcasts: a new generation of web-based tools for virtual collaborative clinical practice and education. Boulos MNK, Maramba I, Wheeler S. BMC Med Educ 2006;6:41.


  1. What a success! Congratulations! BTW, I've read your presentation about web 2.0 and medicine, it was fantastic. Do you plan a new presentation in that topic?

  2. Yes, I just presented the updated version today to Case Western/St.Vincent residents and faculty and I will post a link here soon.