Has Blogging Peaked?

Blog Fatigue or Dying Art?

Blogging takes time and could be hazardous to your health. Newer Web 2.0 services are either easier-to-use (Twitter, tumble logs) or more personalized and media-rich (Facebook).

"Why would anybody bother to write a blog anymore?" seems to be the question many popular tech bloggers like Scoble have been asking recently. This is not "blog fatigue" but a general feeling that the blogging has peaked and it is time to go beyond its limited benefits.

According to Russell Beattie: "... your blog is also sort of a home-base - a social-network independent profile page where others can come to learn more about you. From this point of view, having *just* a blog nowadays is somehow incomplete. It would be like a social-network profile without any images, video, links, etc."

Has Blogging Peaked in Medicine?

Generally speaking, medicine is a conservative field and adoption of new technology is slow. Blogging is just beginning to be recognized by hospitals and medical journals, and we have not reached the peak of medical blogging yet.

Why to Blog?

Maintaining a blog is simple, and if one enjoys the experience, there are few reasons to stop. For example, I use this blog as an educational portfolio and since education is a life-long process, it should be around for foreseeable future.

This Google video shows that it takes 2 minutes to start a blog on Blogger.com.

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  1. interesting article, but If I may say so I think you're way off base. Blogging has become just another word for a website that is in a daily posting type format. A lot of blogs are just like websites if not superior for the ease of page creation, comments, widgets available, inter-connected design, etc.