Why Twitter is Not That Great After All

Twitter is a microblogging service where people answer the question "What are you doing?" via 140-character messages from their cellphone, laptop or desktop.

Please see a few thoughts about the service, posted on Twitter itself (where else?):

  • RT "@problogger: hilarious that Oprah can have 46693 followers without having made a tweet http://is.gd/adMq - this is the new twitter"

  • @Berci "Twitter is incredibly powerful for medical professionals, students or patients" - I just can't agree with such a strong endorsement.

  • RT @davewiner: "Companies using Twitter annoy normal people. http://tr.im/j45u" - Same with hospitals?

  • The noise about Twitter has become irrational. We are making too much of this service. How has the world survived without Twitter until now?

  • Johns Hopkins over-enthusiastic about Twitter: search is great, "extremely useful," "our feed is worth following" http://is.gd/sZuL

  • Just search Twitter for "ACAAI" and "NEJM" - all conference updates have been deleted from the index - hardly "extremely useful" or reliable. Glad I backed all up those NEJM and ACAAI tweets to my blog.

  • RT "@davewiner How to unfollow Ashton Kutcher. http://tr.im/j4eE" - How did we reach this point in the first place?

Twitter Updates from the Severe Asthma Workshop at the 2008 Annual Meeting of American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI)
NEJM Horizons Conference to Push Boundaries of Traditional Medical Publishing, Day 1
Updates from My ACLS Course on Twitter
Image source: Twitter.com.

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