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NPR Makes Its Mobile Website Looks Like iPhone App

"Accepting Friend Requests on Facebook from People You Don't Know Is a Recipe for ID Theft"

Picnik Extension for Chrome: Edit images in your browser using Picnik

Dr. Wes: "Getting Ready for the Cardiology Cuts"

Dragon Dictation comes to the iPhone - free for now, will charge in the future -- Dragon Dictation app is available on the iTunes store as a free download for a limited time but only in the US store

5 Fabulous New Features Google Unveiled: Instant Voice Translation, Goggles Visual Search and more

"Alienation of affection" lawsuits, when an "outsider" interferes in a marriage, are allowed in 7 states - CNN

50 time-saving Google Docs templates

Data Liberation: Google Docs lets you export all your documents (up to 2GB at a time) with one click

"Luckily for the Google Wave team, they have Google backing them. If Wave were a startup, they’d likely be in trouble now"

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