Health News of the Day

I subscribe to 400-500 RSS feeds in Google Reader which produce about 3,000 items per day. Many of them are health news feeds and I share the ones I find particularly interesting on Twitter. Those are usually the tweets that bring the most replies and re-tweets which probably means that they resonate with my 500+ medically-inclined Twitter subscribers ("followers").

From today, I will publish a daily summary of the health news here, made from the selected links posted on Twitter. It will be in "bullet points only" format and will always link to the original source. Those who have read this blog since 2005 know that I always link to the source at the end of every blog in a clearly visible and designated "References" section.

Micro-blogging (Twitter) and blogging (CasesBlog) are related in terms of sharing ideas and information. That's why merging them in this fashion is natural:

1. Read health news --> 2. Share on Twitter --> 3. Summarize the selection on the blog.

This is the first edition of "Health News of the Day" blog post series. It will complement the series "Selection of My Twitter Favorites" which has had more than 30 editions since I started using Twitter in June 2008.

  • Top 11 compounds in US drinking water? Start with Atenolol, Atrazine, Carbamazepine, Estrone, Gemfibrozil...
  • Most caffeinated U.S. cities? Tampa, Seattle, Chicago - in that order. New York and Los Angeles rounded out the 5
  • 49% of all people drink caffeinated coffee daily, with cola and tea tied at a 20% daily consumption rate
  • Headline:"Hormone treatments accelerate brain shrinkage" Since when did we start using the term "brain shrinkage"?
  • Liberia has just 122 doctors to treat its 3.5 million people. This T-shirt does not inspire confidence:

Image source:, public domain.


  1. Can you post a link to the RSS feeds you subscribe to, or better yet a OPML export file of the feeds. I am looking for more sources related to my field of Ob/Gyn

    Thank you

  2. Great post. Love the brevity and breadth of the Twitter health information.

    Pamela J. Powers
    Managing Editor

  3. Chris,

    I'm afraid I don't have any ObGyn feeds in my Google Reader. See some of the feeds here:

    5 Tips to Stay Up-to-Date with Medical Literature

    Make Your Own "Medical Journal" with iGoogle Personalized Page


    I'm glad you like the summaries. Twitter/Blog symbiosis is a new area that I am just starting to explore for medical education.

    Happy to see that the Green Journal has a blog :)

  4. Thanks Ves, fantastic as ever
    Agree with Chris, you are now producing and aggregating so much useful information that it would be very useful to have multiple feeds for review.
    I normally use your keyword system to follow your posts such as your twitter favorites, but maybe it is time to have a number of feed subscriptions such as 'twitter favorites' 'twitter and medicine' 'clinical cases' 'health news of the day'
    Just for us hangers on

  5. Sandnsurf,

    I'm happy that you like the summary but it's just that -- not more than a basic summary. I would not call it fantastic in any way :)

    Tweets are easily forgotten, lost in the information "noise" and can be chaotic. This summary is an attempt to capture some useful information. The same way you sift through sand in the river for golden nuggets.