CDC Video: Anatomy of an Outbreak - Salmonella in Peanut Butter

CDC: "Dr. Stephen Sundlof, director of the FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, explains how the current salmonella outbreak associated with peanuts was identified and how the affected products are being tracked and recalled."

Salmonella. Image source: Wikipedia, public domain.

Salmonella is a genus of rod-shaped Gram-negative enterobacteria that causes typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, and the foodborne illness salmonellosis.

There are approximately 40,000 cases of Salmonella infection reported in the United States each year.

Salmonellosis is an infection with Salmonella bacteria. Most persons infected with salmonella develop diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and abdominal cramps.

Salmonella, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Coming to Grips with Foodborne Infection — Peanut Butter, Peppers, and Nationwide Salmonella Outbreaks. NEJM, 2009.

Updated: 03/05/2009


  1. I purchased girl scout cookies ,(peanut butter) and have had vomiting, fever, and diarrhea. Have there been any recalls on these?

  2. Check FDA website for Peanut Butter and other Peanut Containing Products Recall List:

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