Clinical Cases and Images is "Blog of Note" on the Front Page of is the # 18 most trafficked website in the world, according to Yahoo is # 1, Google is # 2.

Clinical Cases and Images - Blog is featured on the front page of this week as a part of the Blogs of Note series.

Thanks to Googlers/Bloggers for selecting me. I think that Google staff physician, Taraneh Razavi, helped a little bit... :-)

Great medical blogs powered by are KevinMD and KidneyNotes, just to name a few. Feel free to add more in the comments section.


  1. Congrats to you Doc!

  2. Congrats on being featured. FYI a new medical blog to check out:

  3. Well deserved.

    I think you guys have a great niche and also blog frequently.

    - Amit Agarwal

  4. Congratulations. I already follow your blog from time to time, I have your feeds in my google reader. Thanks also for the "How to Use Web 2.0 in Medicine?" it is interesting and useful. I admit some difficulty in managing the links option in the right sidebar of mine, otherwise I would have added a link there to yours site. That, I consider important to brouse the important medical blogs; it is a different way and opportunity to learn and to know new things that neither Journal articles nor the news sections can give.

  5. Thank you for the kind words guys.

    Amit: I am a regular reader of your Digital Inspiration blog. Keep up the great job!

    Brian: Your blog looks really useful.

    Iskandar: I agree with you that blogs provide a different perspective on medical news and developments, a more "human" perspective, I would say, and they are a useful addition to the main stream medical journals.

    sf photoroma: great photos, you may want to check out also.


    I'm sorry to post another comment here but I'd like to mention the above article from the BMJ. I personally love this way of teaching "the interactive case" and would like it continues. See if you are interested to discuss the argument in your blog and with your colleagues.

  7. It took you about a week to find out : )

  8. Congrats! I just found it thanks to the "blogs of note".