Australian Hospital Social Network List

Mike Cadogan (@sandnsurf) is one of the best medical bloggers, with a "local Australian presence and a world-wide distribution" through his blog Life in the Fast Line and Twitter account.

Mike has assembled a table showing the Australian Hospital Social Network List (click to see it) but was a little concerned by the blank spots - many hospitalis did not have any social media presence - no blog, YouTube channel, not even a simple Twitter account.

Here are my comments to Mike on Twitter:

The growth in the social media use by Australian hospitals will come gradually, the U.S. still leads the trend and Europe follows a bit behind.

I remember when I first introduced my blogs to the Cleveland Clinic executives in 2005 - it was such a novel idea, almost unheard of. No hospital had an official blog in 2005 and look at us now - Ed Bennett maintains a list of the U.S. hospitals using social media and it is getting longer every week.

Hospitals have to see the benefit of social media and face even wider adoption by the general population before they begin to use them. It is still a relatively conservative field.

Australian hospitals lag behind U.S. in social media use: only 13% of them are on Twitter, 11% Facebook, 10% YouTube


Australian Hospital Social Network List 2009. Life in the Fast Lane.

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  1. Thank you so much Dr Ves
    Like the Ed Bennett list, this list is certainly getting longer each week. In fact I have enlisted the help of fellow blogger @antidoped to keep on top of the changes.
    Certainly the uptake rate is increasing, and hopefully the standard of the tweets and channels will improve with time...

  2. Thank you for maintaining the list, Mike. This is a great idea. If nothing else, the hospitals can see what their peers are doing... :)

    Any other ways to popularize the list?

  3. Once I am certain that I have the majority of websites and channels, the list will be published in either the EMA or MJA in Australia as a starting point.
    The discussions surrounding web 2.0 and communications between hospitals and the general public are generally of a low quality in Australia and it would be great to start the 'conversation' through a more traditional medium in the first instance.

  4. Re: "Once I am certain that I have the majority of websites and channels, the list will be published in either the EMA or MJA in Australia"

    That'll be a good start. How about any of the local websites - "MDConsult Australia", newspapers, etc.?

  5. Still waiting for some Australian hospitals (and the state government departments that run them) to stop using Internet Explorer 6 *head desk*.

  6. It's a great resource Mike, well done.